About Us

The name "Weledeh" tells us of the ancestry of people who were the original inhabitants of the present community. They lived around the Yellowknife River system and harvested the fish there. The word in its literal sense can be divided into two parts: 'wele' which means fish that were harvested and 'deh' which means river. When separated, these words have strong symbolic Christian connotations. The fish is the symbol of our Lord and the river is associated symbolically with water as the giver of life. Our school colors are gold with black. Gold stands for the Holy Spirit. Our school symbol is the early Christian fish symbol, intertwined amongst a cross. The symbol brings together our school name and ties it to our Christian roots of Jesus being a fisher of people. Our school mascot is LUPI -- the wolf, and our teams are known as the Weledeh Wolves. We wear white and black uniforms -- that have a logo of LUPI on them.

District History

The Yellowknife Catholic School Division was established July 11, 1951. The first school, for grade 1-9 was opened in 1953. Weledeh Catholic School (formerly St. Patrick Elementary) was opened in 1967. Ecole St. Joseph School was opened in 1978 and the new St. Patrick High School was opened in 1995. The new Weledeh School opened in 2001.

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