Beyond the Classroom


Grades 4 to 7 participate in either Beginner or Advanced Groups.  Both groups participate in the Christmas Concert, the Feast and Aboriginal Day activities.  


This activity is being coordinated by Marianne Maltby, they participate twice a week on Day 4 & 5 during period 2.  The choir performs at liturgies and various events within the community.


Grades 3 to 7 are invited to lunchtime jigging sessions with an instructor and perform at events like the Weledeh Feast, Christmas Concert and Indigenous Day Ceremonies.

Community Garden

In conjunction with the Yellowknife Community Garden Collective, Weledeh hosts a garden that students can apply for a plot in.  Members of the collective work with grade 3 students each spring to prepare and plant in the garden.


Each fall the Yellowknife Tennis association hosts a Middle School Tennis tournament in Yellowknife, for Grade 6 & 7's.  It takes place at the Fieldhouse.

Cross Country Running

In the fall, near the end of September every year, students from Weledeh compete in a road race at Ecole St Joseph School.  Distances vary according to age.


In late October students grade 6 and 7 participate in the Junior Spike It competition.  In early November a grade 4/5 team of boys and girls participate in volleyball tournament between Yellowknife schools.


Weledeh School takes part in the NWT Badminton Championships that take place in February each year.


The Jr Cager competition takes place each year for grades 6 and 7.  Teams from all over the north come to Yellowknife to compete.


After spring break, teams again come from across the north to participate in Super Soccer.  The Super Soccer takes place for Junior, grades 6 and 7.  After Super Soccer there is tournament for the grade 4's and 5's of each of Yellowknife's elementary schools.

Track and Field

The Yellowknife Championships for Track and Field take place in Yellowknife each year on a Saturday near the end of May.  The following week, interested kids can travel with the Weledeh Wolves to the NWT Championships in Hay River, NWT.